Wind River Chimes Launches its New Eclipse Collection to Celebrate the Great North American Eclipse
Wind River Chimes Launches its New Eclipse Collection to Celebrate the Great North American Eclipse

The Launch Coincides with the Debut of the “In the Eclipse” Theme Song and the “Path to Eclipse” Album 

MANASSAS PARK, Va., March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Wind River Chimes, the creator and manufacturer of premium, hand-tuned wind chimes (including the popular Corinthian Bells line), today announces the launch of a unique new line of wind chimes, along with an Eclipse theme song and album dubbed the “soundtrack of the eclipse,” commemorating the Great North American Solar Eclipse occurring on April 8, 2024.

The Wind River Chimes Eclipse Collection consists of three uniquely-tuned Corinthian Bells wind chimes that capture the ethereal sounds of a solar eclipse. The 78″, 50″ and 30″ Corinthian Bells wind chimes are tuned to the Lydian mode, a major scale with the 4th scale degree raised by a half-step. This scale is often used in music to create a feeling of wonder or mystery such as that associated with scientific discoveries and space. 

“Combining the eclipse with our wind chimes was a natural fit. Our Lydian-tuned chimes have always provided a mysterious, other-worldly sound. Plus, with the release of the original chime-infused music and eclipse theme song “In the Eclipse,” we’re seeing and hearing how these chimes can create a musical experience that captures the essence of the Eclipse,” said Luke Croushorn, Vice President of Sales at Wind River.

In conjunction with the launch of the Eclipse Wind Chime Collection, Wind River has commissioned musical artists Jeff and Crystal of ShaneFlyingSunTapes to create “the soundtrack of the eclipse” — an entire album of original music, composed and created using the new Wind River Chimes Eclipse Collection. This unique collection of ethereal music, named “Path to the Eclipse,” will be available on Spotify starting March 18, with new tracks dropping weekly leading up to the eclipse when the entire album will be available. The initial track, which can be heard here, is entitled “In the Eclipse.”

“We have learned that our soothing music has been helpful for people with anxiety, depression and trouble sleeping. We’re excited to combine this therapeutic feeling with an amazing celestial event,” said artists Crystal Kerr and Jeff Goldberg, partners of ShaneFlyingSunTapes.

Finally, to engage wind chime fans in the eclipse’s “once-in-a-generation” timing, Wind River will conduct a contest, asking entrants to submit their “life’s unforgettable moments””moments when life stood still” stories. The winner will receive a complete set of the Wind River Chimes Eclipse Collection.

Fans of wind chimes, and the eclipse, can now purchase the Eclipse Wind Chime Collection through the Wind River Chimes website and can listen to the eclipse theme song “In the Eclipse” on Spotify and all major music platforms. Additionally, the entire album, featuring the Wind River Chimes Eclipse Collection, will be available on April 8, coinciding with the day of the Eclipse. 

For more information about Wind River’s solar eclipse-themed wind chimes, to hear the song “In the Eclipse”, and to enter the contest, visit this page.

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Wind River Chimes has been proudly inspiring harmony since 1986 via hand-crafted, hand-tuned, made-in-the-USA premium wind chimes. From the shape of the components to the materials used, every detail is tested and engineered to deliver superior resonance and tone. Wind River Chimes are made in Virginia and influenced by the shores, mountains and valleys we call home. Plus, for every set of wind chimes purchased from the Wind River website, 20% of those sales are donated to charity via the Wind River Fund.

The Wind River Chimes Eclipse Collection includes 78″, 50″ and 30″ Corinthian Bells Copper Vein Eclipse Chimes. Sold separately or as a collection.

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