UBPet Announces Launch of C20
The Smart Cat Litter Box with Spacious Open Entrance

UBPet proudly launches the C20 Smart Cat Litter Box, setting new standards in pet care innovation. This automatic self-cleaning litter box is a game-changer, providing top-notch feline care with its cutting-edge waste removal system and advanced odor control.

Designed with intelligence and safety in mind, the C20 offers an elegant solution for every cat owner's challenges. Its thoughtful and sleek design effortlessly blends into any home while creating a clean, odor-free environment for both cats and owners.

Unlike conventional litter boxes, the C20 boasts a spacious entrance and a generous capacity, catering to cats' natural desire for freedom of movement. Its low entry height makes it ideal for older cats, short-legged breeds, and kittens alike.

Safety is paramount, and the C20's integrated design ensures absolute pet safety. The waste container and roller move together during cleaning, eliminating any risk of entrapment or injury to your furry friend.

This litter box features a Double-Layer Anti-Stick Protection system, using silicone and highly durable fabric to prevent sticking and ensure long-lasting durability. It also incorporates a dual odor control mechanism, employing aromatic deodorizing blocks to break down odors and neutralize ammonia-based compounds.

"At UBPet, we prioritize pets' well-being above all. The C20 Smart Cat Litter Box is our commitment to creating a safe haven for cats, ensuring their safety and comfort at all times," said Bo Zhang, the Manager of UBPet.

The C20 revolutionizes litter box maintenance with its one-touch automatic cleaning feature and easy litter disposal. It allows the use of standard plastic garbage bags for waste disposal, making cleanup effortless.

Furthermore, this smart litter box offers remote control via an app, facilitating automatic and scheduled cleaning, custom settings, and health monitoring for multi-cat households.

The C20 Smart Cat Litter Box is the epitome of intelligent pet care, combining safety, comfort, and smart design. Its modern aesthetic complements any home, providing convenience and style while offering a superior experience for both cats and owners.

Join us and embrace the future of feline care with exclusive deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubpet-c20-smart-spacious-cat-litter-box/x/35652123#/

Contact Information:
Bo Zhang
[email protected]

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