Terry Gale of Rambler Ranch to be Featured on Close Up Radiio
Terry Gale of Rambler Ranch to be Featured on Close Up Radiio

ELIZABETH, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, May 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Being on the cover of Hemmings 75 Top Car Museums edition is only one of Terry Gale’s greatest achievements. As the founder and curator of Rambler Ranch in Elizabeth, Colorado, Terry and his partner, Daniel Green, manage over 800 vintage NASH, AMC and Rambler cars, along with vintage appliances, mannequins, retro rooms, gift shop, a dining room for 50, a large picnic area for 200, and more.

When asked why AMC and NASH instead of more expensive makes, Terry explains, “NASH and American Motors contributed so much to the industry but were never given credit. For example, they were the first to have heating and ventilation, seat belts, a unibody—features big car makers still offer today that NASH was the first to do. NASH really struggled to compete, and were always the underdog. That’s also why I like them.”

Terry continues, “They’re great cars, people just don’t want to give them a chance. Pacers and Gremlins are always on The Worst Cars made list. People like to pick on AMC for some reason. These are usually people who have never driven them. When I drive my Rolls Royce, people just stare—they don’t talk to you, they’re intimidated. But in the NASH, everyone talks to you! At a car show, NASHes are a magnet because you never see them. It’s so much fun to take something out that’s different. Other collectors save the money cars, but no one is saving the four-door sedans and wagons. For me, this is about history.”

And it’s also about fun, which is a huge ingredient in the Rambler Ranch’s success. “This is just so much fun and easy to do. I’ve had a lot of good, loyal people helping me, the same mechanic for 25 years. Without advertising, we’re busy from word of mouth. The ranch has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, a local newspaper, some TV shows, visitors post videos from their visit, so we haven’t had to worry about having enough interest.”

Terry continues, “I love when people say, ‘Oh my gosh, my grandmother had one of those.’ When people are reminded of happy memory in a NASH car, that’s an achievement.

Terry learned his love for old cars from his dad. “My dad liked old cars, and I would help him work on cars in the garage. He worked for the railroad and owned a septic tank/backhoe service, so he was mechanically inclined. I have his 1948 GMC truck, a 1940 Plymouth, and a NASH, and my nephew is bringing me a 1972 Chevy truck from my dad, the last of my dad’s cars at the farm.

Terry isn’t stopping with cars. “I show everything NASH was involved in. We have quite a large kitchen appliance collection, Wheelhorse garden tractors, a couple of Denver city buses. I want to educate people about NASH. They’ve been forgotten.”

NASH eventually merged with Hudson Motors to become American Motors (AMC), now owned by Stellantis. Although Terry has not heard from any of the large manufacturers, he has had the honor of having NASH ex-employees visit the ranch. “The ex-employees like to share stories. One brought a photo of her dad sitting at his desk. It was raining, the roof was leaking, and he had an umbrella to keep dry. Clearly, the employees enjoyed working there. Charlie Nash’s granddaughter came for a tour with her daughter and grandson, which was 3 generations. And his great grandson James Nash has been here a couple of times,” shares Terry.

The Rambler Ranch coffee table book, over two years in production, is scheduled to be released May 15. “A photographer, Craig Patterson, was here and asked if he could create a coffee table book. He spent a lot of time taking pictures, and for the next 2 years, whenever I got a new car, he would run up here and take more pictures. People are already interested and we’re planning events which will be on our website.”

Rambler Ranch opens the last weekend in May through the end of September (depending on weather, sometimes October). “I never deny anyone the privilege of seeing these cars and will open in winter with a phone call,” explains Terry.

Recently honored by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in design and décor, Terry is only 8 cars away from another great achievement—owning one of every NASH from each year. “I likely won’t stop there, though. Then there are always prototypes to consider…”

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