Spotlight on Five Notable Underground Artists
Spotlight on Five Notable Underground Artists

Anna D. Smith Fine Art and Real Estate Broker Honors Diverse LGBTQIA+ Artists Making Waves in the Underground Art World

SILICON VALLEY , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2024 / — As we conclude Pride Month 2024, Anna D. Smith Fine Art and Real Estate Broker proudly celebrates LGBTQIA+ Pride Month by highlighting five notable LGBTQIA+ visual artists from the underground art scene. These artists, each with unique styles and impactful messages, have significantly contributed to the visibility and appreciation of LGBTQIA+ experiences through their art.

The underground art scene is a dynamic space for creative expression and social commentary. The featured LGBTQIA+ artists have made remarkable strides in this arena, using their art to challenge societal norms and promote inclusivity.


1.) Edie Fake – A Chicago-based transgender artist known for his graphic novels and zines, exploring themes of gender and identity. His work, including the award-winning “Gaylord Phoenix,” reimagines queer spaces through surreal, architectural depictions.

2.) Jamie Diaz – A Mexican American transgender woman and prison artist who creates poignant watercolor paintings celebrating queer and trans identities despite her challenging environment.

3.) Jeremy Novy – A street artist from Wisconsin whose stencils, often depicting koi fish and queer icons, make strong political statements about LGBT rights and visibility.

4.) Dr. Brittany Jones – An NFT artist and marine biologist who uses digital art to represent and support the LGBTQIA+ community, blending her scientific and creative passions.

5.) Jadzia Axelrod – A graphic novelist and multidisciplinary artist known for “Galaxy: The Prettiest Star,” a DC Comics graphic novel about an alien princess embracing her true identity as a transgender girl.

These artists have not only enriched the underground art scene but also influenced broader cultural conversations. Their work is showcased in galleries, exhibitions, and digital platforms, earning critical acclaim and fostering greater understanding of LGBTQIA+ experiences.

The contributions of these five artists illustrate the power of art in advocating for social change and celebrating diversity. Their creative endeavors continue to inspire and educate, making a lasting impact on both the art world and society at large.

Anna D. Smith Fine Art and Real Estate Broker is dedicated to promoting and supporting artists who challenge conventions and bring fresh perspectives to contemporary art. To learn more about these five LGBTQIA+ underground visual artists, check out, “5 Notable LGBTQIA+ Underground Artists.”


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