Four crews bring New York City’s most celebrated parades together for an epic showdown

NEW YORK, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Red Bull Culture Clash will return to New York City on June 1st, 2024, in Brooklyn (1 Noble Street) for an unforgettable “Clash of the Parades”! The event will feature head-to-head performances from four crews, bringing A-list surprise musical guests, unreleased tracks, legendary remixes, and more.

Inspired by Jamaican sound system culture, Red Bull Culture Clash creates a massive musical battleground where four crews compete for the loudest response from the crowd. This year, Red Bull Culture Clash will celebrate the essence of New York with one of the city’s most iconic attractions — parades. The city’s most well-known community parades will team up with the best MCs, DJs, and producers from each crew to put on electric performances aimed at winning the crowd over.

Set against the New York City skyline, each of the crews will represent one of four New York City parades: Remezcla representing the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Eastern Standard Times representing the Lunar New Year Parade, No Long Talk representing the West Indian Day Parade, and Papi Juice representing the NYC Pride March.

Hosted by Devon Halbal and Mel Ottenberg with DJ sets and refereeing by The Large, each crew will bring their parade to life on their own stage and face off in a four-round battle, bringing their best songs and fiercest competition to win the crowd’s favor over the other competing crews. Only one crew will emerge victorious as the Red Bull Culture Clash Champion — representing the parade with the best soundscapes in the city.

General admission tickets will be free to the public starting on April 23rd via, with the chance to gain early access by purchasing one of the four crews’ custom shirts on sale starting today. Crew merch can be purchased at:


  • NYC Pride March: Papi Juice featuring Papi Juice, Raul Lopez of Luar, Mazurbate, Br0nz3_G0dd3ss, Byrell the Great, Kimberly Drew, and West Dakota
    • Papi Juice is an arts & music collective that aims to affirm and celebrate the lives of queer and trans people of color. Structured around their curated events, Papi Juice lives at the intersection of art, music, fashion, and nightlife. Since its inception in 2013, the collective has been changing the face of nightlife in New York City and beyond with intentional platforms for artists of color including panels, artist residencies, performances, and, of course, fabled DJ sets and all-night parties.
  • West Indian Day Parade: No Long Talk featuring Deejay Puffy, SilentMatic, DJ Madout, Disco Neil, Jus Jay King, Kevin Crown, Major Penny, Rheezus, Shacia Payne and Travis World
    • No Long Talk is a crew dedicated to championing Caribbean sound around the world. The collective has strong local bases in major cities, including New York, Miami, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago & Jamaica, showcasing their uniquely Caribbean rooted and globally active community.
  • National Puerto Rican Day Parade: Remezcla featuring J.I The Prince of N.Y., Nina Sky, Tony Touch, Bembona, and Christian Martir with Capicu!
    • Established in 2006, Remezcla is a cultural platform that has emerged as a dynamic force for U.S. Latine and Latin American audiences. Originating with a keen focus on music, Remezcla serves as a nexus where tradition and innovation intersect. Through its contemporary content and engaged community, Remezcla not only reflects the diverse voices shaping Latine culture but also actively shapes and influences its trajectory, covering emerging talent, cultural influences, upcoming scenes, and more.
  • Lunar New Year Parade: Eastern Standard Times featuring P-Lo, Sunkis, Bohan Phoenix, Ted Park, 12 Pell, Inspectajones, Deb Kim, Sangarang, and Slayrizz
    • Eastern Standard Times is here to do what it says in the name: make the east STANDARD. EST challenges narratives about Asian people and culture — both at home and throughout the diaspora via their mission to create a unified voice and community that people will look to for the representation they never had.

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Inspired by Jamaican sound system culture, Red Bull Culture Clash features head-to-head performances from four crews. Going beyond a typical DJ battle or band competition, this event celebrates the host city’s unique musical and cultural offerings historically and for the future. Crews are given the reins to take over their own stage and face off in a four-round battle delivering big sound, powerful tunes, intense competition, and an exciting lineup of special guests all aimed at captivating the audience and outshine their rivals – because at Red Bull Culture Clash the crowd decides who reigns supreme. 


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