Random Media Announces the Streaming Debut of  THE GIRL IN THE PALMS
Random Media Announces the Streaming Debut of  THE GIRL IN THE PALMS

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The Girl in the Palms-Film Still 1 from the film by Random Media

The Girl in the Palms-Film Still 1

The Girl in the Palms-Film Still 2 from the film by Random Media

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A Young Woman at the Crossroads of Life takes an Unforgettable Journey of Self Discovery!
Film Available Beginning March 12, 2024

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, March 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Indie film leader Random Media proudly announces the debut of the award-winning indie adventure, THE GIRL IN THE PALMS, to streaming, beginning March 12, 2024. An entertaining and thought-provoking story of self-discovery, it follows Luna, a young girl at the crossroads of her life who, following a mysterious tragedy, leaves everything she knows behind to hitchhike from New York to the warmth of Florida. Like a modern-day Alice in Wonderland, Luna’s journey is anything but ordinary, introducing her to a fascinating colorful cross-section of characters and life-altering adventures that shape her quest for self-actualization. From hippie hideaways in the swamps to the edge of the US in Key West, THE GIRL IN THE PALMS is a unique and engrossing technicolor female odyssey. It introduces audiences to Lupe Sujey Cuevas as ‘Luna’ and stars Michalina Scorzelli, Monique Parent, Tara Rule, Charlie Vagabond Haye, Laurence Gartel, JB Yowell, Alex Arriaza, Joan Piper and is directed by Jon Russell Cring.


Downloadable/Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/827424178

YouTube: https://youtu.be/OLO0YUwH15c?si=rhaCWUKQutHavQHy

LOGLINE/Short Synopsis: After experiencing an unexpected tragedy, a young woman hitchhikes from New York to Key West, meeting a variety of unique characters on a quest of self-discovery.

THE GIRL IN THE PALMS debuts to streaming following an award-winning film festival run which included over a dozen nominations and award wins. Among those awards, the film was recognized as ‘Best Film,’ ‘Indie Spirit’ and ‘Best Supporting Performance’ at the Orlando Film Festival; ‘Best Feature Narrative’ and ‘Best LGBTQ Film’ at the Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival; and ‘Best Feature Narrative Long,’ ‘Best Supporting Actress,’ ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Cinematography’ at the American Golden Picture International Film Festival.

Full Synopsis:

The Girl in the Palms is the story of a young woman at a crossroads in her life. The bitterness of a New York winter has turned Luna’s body and soul cold. The memories brought back by bare lifeless trees under an ominous grey sky become the bars of her grief filled prison. It’s time for a radical shift, a complete change of perspective. From far North to far South, dark to light, known to the unknown. Luna leaves everything she knows behind and rides her thumb to Florida. She is surrounded by the wonder of a tropical Christmas. Like a modern day Alice in Wonderland she meets a plethora of characters and follows her heart on illuminating adventures that inform her quest for self-actualization. What is real and what is fantasy diverge with the ultimate destination only known within. From the hippie hideaways of the Everglades to a psychic village, to the ocean and all the way to the edge of the United States, Girl in the Palms is a technicolor female odyssey.


About Random Media:

Random Media is a content company that acquires and distributes films on a worldwide basis through movie theatres, digital platforms, and cable, satellite, and television networks and in conventional brick and mortar retailers. Random Media is known for its commitment to building strong, supportive relationships with its filmmakers. The companies’ growing library includes such acclaimed films as Hoaxed, Frank vs. God, House by the Lake and Iron Brothers.


Released By/Studio: Random Media

Director: Jon Russell Cring

Writers: Jon Russell Cring and Tracy Nichole Cring

Music: Peppermint Moon and Charlotte Lee

Producers: Jon Russell Cring and Tracy Nichole Cring

Executive Producer: Michalina Scorzelli

Running Time: 85 Minutes.

Language: English

Genre: Action/Adventure/Independent

Rating: Not Rated

Availability/Price: varies by streaming platform (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.)

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