Fieldwalker Productions’ Retrospect Nightmares Delivers 80s Horror Thrills to Access Sacramento
Fieldwalker Productions’ Retrospect Nightmares Delivers 80s Horror Thrills to Access Sacramento

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Retrospect Nightmares: 80s horror movie reviews, streaming anytime on or Thursdays 10 PM on Access Sacramento Channel 18.

Everyone loves Horror and loves a good scare. I allow folks to experience, preview, and insight into some of the greatest Horror movies ever made. You’ll love these choices.”

— Michael Stokes

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2024 / — Fieldwalker Productions is thrilled to announce the premiere of its new horror movie review show, Retrospect Nightmares, now streaming on Access Sacramento and airing on Channel 18 every Thursday at 10:00 PM. With a focus on 80s horror classics, Retrospect Nightmares celebrates the nostalgia and terror that defined a generation of horror fans, while also exploring the broader spectrum of horror genres.

Hosted by the captivating voice of Michael Stokes, each episode of Retrospect Nightmares typically delves into the depths of four chilling films, dissecting their scares, analyzing their impact, and celebrating their unique contributions to the horror landscape. However, this 4th of July, viewers are in for a special treat as Retrospect Nightmares deviates from its usual format to showcase a curated collection of iconic horror soundtracks from the vault. Prepare to be immersed in the chilling melodies and spine-tingling compositions that have haunted our nightmares for decades.

“Retrospect Nightmares is a passion project born from our love of horror,” says Michael, Producer at Fieldwalker Productions. “We aim to not only entertain but also educate and rekindle the love for classic horror films and their soundtracks. This 4th of July special is our way of giving back to the horror community and celebrating the genre in a unique way.”

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